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The Shahmai Network was founded in 2004 as a focus for a new understanding of spiritual, psychical and transformative experiences. In recent years the need for an approach to spirituality that includes the personal exploration of consciousness, an appreciation of the scientific method, as well as an active role in humanitarian and peaceful activism, has been apparent to many involved in our work. There has in the past existed two poles, on the one hand a disdain for the personal experiences of individuals especially when reporting psychical or 'psi' phenomena and on the other a lack of engagement with science and reason. The Shahmai approach seeks to go beyond the stigma of previous outlooks and explore spirituality and consciousness in the light of new understandings.

Psi Phenomena
Psychical or psi experiences form the basis of many peoples desire to explore consciousness, or their becoming interested in alternative spiritual approaches. As the Shahmai Network founder, Graham Nicholls, came to his ideas in this way it was important that this area of human experience be paramount in the networks philosophy. Graham Nicholls has explored his personal experiences as well as scientific studies in the area of parapsychology and come to the conclusion that these kinds of experiences are supported by laboratory evidence in thousands of studies and underlined by the direct experience of millions of people across the globe.

The Shahmai Approach

By drawing upon personal experience, as well as our growing understanding in the sciences, we seek to present an approach that engages directly with the underlying transformative nature of noetic experiences. Spirituality is most powerful when it arises from a combination of first-hand experience, evidence and critical thinking . This is a key element to our approach. We also believe that as empathy and understanding grows so does compassion and a desire to engage with the wider world. We see spirituality as a philosophy that, like ethics and morality, can arise from logic and reason.

Social and Humanitarian Outlook
When the Shahmai Network began one of the first areas it became involved with was activism against some of the world's worst situations, namely: poverty, war and violence and the abuse of human and animal rights. To read about our involvement in these areas please see our full article here.

Graham Nicholls the founder of the Shahmai Network also gives lectures, one-on-one consultations and runs workshops and retreats for those wishing to learn more about psychical and spiritual approaches. If you would like more information contact us and we will be happy to help.

Graham Nicholls currently has two articles out, one in Kindred Spirit, outlining his
Out-of-Body Experiences and the other an interview on alternative spirituality in War Magazine.

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